The Beginning
Almost a decade ago I married my best friend and not only was it the happiest day of my life, but I was also introduced to the world of Wedding Videography. Over the next several years I would have the opportunity to film and edit the priceless memories of a couple's wedding day and put it into film for them to treasure forever.

The Moment
Fast forward ten years and another life experience would send me on a path similar to the one I had previously taken. The day my daughter was born I never would have guessed how much my love for her would grow. She was an angel. A little miracle in a chubby, snuggly body and I worshiped her. As the days went by and she started to grow up I realized just how much I cherished the video of the day she came into this world.

The Idea
After receiving such wonderful comments on my daughter’s video I realized that others should have the opportunity to have one as well, but without the hassle of hiring someone to be in the delivery room and other complications I’ve seen in the past.

The Process
Now that I realized what I wanted to do the next step was making it as simple as possible. The idea came to me. Parents can take their own footage/photos and upload them to be edited. No creating accounts, no mailing original files or tapes, and no hassle! Simply take footage with your smartphone or camera and upload it to Heidi Adams Videography to be edited and put to DVD or streamed online.

The Result 
We all value our memories very highly and videos can be a great way to preserve them for years. While this idea may have come from the birth of my daughter, I still continue to take footage of her and create new videos. If you have something you want edited, please feel free to send it my way and let's create a video that you will cherish as much as I do mine.


Heidi Adams